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The greatest benefit of working from home is that you will have the time to participate actively in your children's lives and make a real difference to ensure their bright future.

Take a Step Towards a Positive Future - Work from Home with Max

Working from home has many benefits. All over the world, people are choosing to end the daily commute and office politics in favor of logging onto their computers in their pajamas and beginning their day. If you are thinking about joining the growing number of people who are establishing their home offices, you need to know all the prospects that are stretched out in front of you. Some of them you probably have already taken into consideration. However, there are few that might not have yet to cross your mind.

  • You are making less of an impact on the environment

    By cutting out your commute to the office, you save emission from your mode of transportation. You are also reducing your energy footprint by reducing the amount of energy you use in the office. You eliminate the need to make copies, faxes, and forms on paper because you are more wireless than if you had to go into the office. Reports are filed through email. Remote work creates less waste. If an entire company went remote, and you would open up the ability to reduce emissions from commutes and you would save the paper from going into the garbage. Reducing pollution and reducing landfills would be made possible.

  • You will be a lot less stressed if you do not have to worry about someone watching your every move

    You do not worry about when you will have the ability to take a break. Your workload is more manageable because you can arrange how it will be done. While your deadlines might not change, your ability to reach them will. You have control of what you can and will do, rather than having someone walking by every few minutes to see if you are on task. If there is a phone call you need to take, you have the ability to take it without worrying about being on a break.

  • You are likely to enjoy more peace and quiet

    Your professional environment would most likely be calmer without the interruption of noise from shared office machines (e.g. photocopiers, printers and water coolers). Without the noise of multiple phones ringing, fax machines buzzing, and copiers humming you could focus on what needs to be done. You will be able to handle phone conversations and business calls in a more efficient manner. The tasks at hand would be forefront. You also would not have to be interrupted by another person talking rather loud in the cubicle next to you.

  • You can be more productive with your time

    You can decide what items are priorities and accomplish the list in your own time. Not only would your deadlines be more effective, you would also be able to choose when you take your lunch and breaks. You are in control of your time. You will have more time. There are more hours in the day when you take out your daily commute, interruptions from co-workers, the amount of time it takes you to get ready each morning, and the amount of time it takes you to prepare for your tasks at hand. You have everything that you need at your fingertips; all that it takes is to get started each day.

  • Better use of time normally spent commuting

    When you think about the ability to cut out the amount of time it takes you to get to and from work each day and then multiply that by the number of days in a year, you get literally days back. Think about all that you can get done in that amount of time. The amount of money you will save on gas in your car or bus fare would be enough to take an extended vacation. The commute itself is a huge waste of time that you can get back simply by staying home and working remotely. You will not have to be up three or four hours before you have to be at work, just for the drive.

  • Better use of your money is a perk that is hard to get any other way

    Your fuel expenses or commuting expenses are definitely one thing to consider, beyond that you have the saved expense of having to have expensive professional clothes that the office requires. You also have the added benefit of not having to eat out for lunch. You can make you a delicious and healthier lunch, something more than a simple sandwich. There are also the nights when you work late or get stuck, and traffic and just do not have the time to cook dinner. You save the money of having to order out. Gas, food, clothing, and office supplies are just the beginning. If you have children, you do not have to pay babysitting or the additional costs that come with hiring help to care for your children.

  • You can easily achieve a better balanced home life

    You will know that you will have time to do grocery shopping, take care of laundry, and make sure the housework is done. This not only decreases the amount of stress and concern that comes along with not being able to do these simple things, but also help you to feel better about the kind of home life you have. You will receive a sense of peace knowing that you are not allowing your career to overtake your whole life. In general, you are more likely to feel better about yourself and the environment you have created for yourself.

  • Freedom to enjoy the world is right at your fingertips

    You are not tied down to a schedule that someone else created for you. You do not have to stay within four walls. You can go anywhere that your laptop allows you to go. The park or even the backyard is available for you to work in. The outdoors is a great way to create peace while you are working. You can take a vacation and go anywhere in the world that you want. As long as you can take your laptop, you can work efficiently.

  • Your family life will be greatly enhanced by working at home

    You will be there for everything that your child needs. You will be able to have a snack ready when your child comes home from school, be available to help with homework, and attend all the afterschool activities that your child is involved in. You will not feel guilty or feel like someone else is raising your children. You have the ability to participate actively and make a difference in your children's lives. ← This is one of the GREATEST BENEFITS OF WORKING FROM HOME.


Many of these benefits will greatly improve your health. You will be able to eat better, have time to exercise, and have less stress. These things are important to achieving a better quality of life for you and your family. The reasons for choosing to work remotely are usually personal. It may be something you are considering for financial or home life reasons, but the obvious health benefits are pretty staggering. No matter what your motivation is, this is a big step that will ultimately change your entire life. Make the positive change for your tomorrow, by deciding if this is something that will work for you and your family.


Work-at-Home with Max International in Singapore and Malaysia

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